Our Hampton’s Style Kitchen: Part Two

our classic coastal and ‘oh so hamptons’ kitchen renovation part two: the failures, the fixtures and the finale…


“Hi, I’m Danni and I’m now an alcoholic.”

Ok, so it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was certainly close. What was meant to be a week and a half without a kitchen turned into 5 weeks! That’ll test the limits of any couple, but add three kids and two dogs into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a nervous breakdown. Luckily that didn’t happen and somehow we all made it out alive to tell the story, including Bozley our 50kg Rottweiler puppy (no-one knows how). Anyway, moving along. If you haven’t already and you want to read about the Kitchen Renovation from the beginning, click here to read Part One: The Design and Destroy Process.

Old Kitchen Skirting Board

the failures…

Like any large renovation, problems are inevitable and being a traditional style18 year old home, sourcing products like the original cornice and skirting board was going to be difficult at best. Unfortunately, we never found the skirting and had no choice but to replace all the skirting throughout the entire kitchen and adjoining areas. Fortunately, we did find a company that would custom make and deliver the cornice, at a hefty price of course!

New Kitchen Skirting Board

Unfortunately due to design constraints, the cutlery drawer is positioned in the island bench… NEVER do this, ever!

If your sink is located in your island bench like mine, you’ll find it’s your work space where you spend time prepping food. The cutlery drawer is one of the most commonly used drawers so I’m constantly moving out of the way to allow the family access to cutlery or the bins. Silly, silly me!

cutlery drawer kitchen fail
tasmanian oak floor kitchen

Our largest problem until recently was our beautiful Tasmanian oak flooring. The existing island bench was shaped like a half hexagon and naturally that was a shape I was not going to replicate so I had no idea what our gorgeous flooring would look like underneath. Well here it is! I figured the problem areas would require sanding and recoating however after hearing the opinions of two professionals, I was now faced with sanding our entire timber floor space (kitchen, living and formal dining). Repairing the small, damaged area was not an option so considering this I decided to lime wash (white wash) the floors during the process as I love the Tassie Oak, but I’m not a big fan of the yellowing that occurs to the polyurethane coating with time. And that will be another blog post within itself!

tasmanian oak floor kitchen

the good stuff, aka the fixtures…

  • Cooker: Ilve 90cm 6 Burner Freestanding Cooker in white. 
  • Sink: Butlers style White by Villeroy and Bosch from North Coast Plumbing Maroochydore (my favourite thing in the kitchen)
  • Mixer: Winslow Lever by Brodware, from North Coast Plumbing Maroochdore
  • Rangehood: Built in Delonghi Rangehood. I organised an electrician to wire up the Rangehood light and fan to a switch on the wall because it’s too high… and I’m short.
  • Dishwasher: Bosch fully integrated Dishwasher.
  • Feature Kitchen Corbels: Found them somewhere on eBay. Win!
  • Benchtop and Cooker Splashback: Statuario Talostone 40ml
  • Tile Splashback: Rippled edge, Bright White Subway Tile from Jerry and the Tilemakers, Warana. Note, grout is medium light grey
  • Barstools: Distressed Industrial Style Bright white and Rattan from Sitting Around, Maroochydore
  • Pendant Lights: Searchlight Billet in Polished Metal from Masters (I know right?).
  • Pendant Light in Pantry: Antique Silver “Mix & Match” Range from Beacon, Maroochydore.
  • Kitchen Handles: Antique silver knobs, pull handles and latches (top cupboards) from Handle House, Kunda Park.
broadware Winslow kitchen mixer
kitchen antique silver cup pulls and turned legs
Kitchen corbles and antique silver knobs mantel ledge kitchen
villeroy and bosch white kitchen butlers sink
ilve 90cm cooker kitchen

top five tips for a kitchen reno…

  1. Calculate your budget and always add an extra 10-20% for incidentals because you never know what can happen during a renovation process.
  2. Think about your space, your lifestyle, your personal taste and how your kitchen is currently utilised. Write down all the practical and functional components you like and a list of things you’d change. Implement these into your design accordingly. Whilst practically is key in such a heavily used area, select a style that will be aesthetically fitting to your home and will do justice to your space.
  3. Compromise. I went overboard with our big ticket items and areas where quality was important, in particular our gorgeous stone benchtops. However, I compromised elsewhere on items where quality wasn’t such a big issue like our pendant lights. Be reasonable and rational with your decisions.
  4. Choose your designer and trades carefully as you’ll have quite a demanding relationship before and during the renovation. It’s important you can easily communicate with one another and respect each others decisions.
  5. Be organised and prepared for the renovation otherwise you may find your daily glass of wine at night turns into 7. This is the easy part that is done in advance. Organise alternative accommodation  or relocate all your kitchen essentials and set up a mini kitchen elsewhere in the house. If you’ve got a BBQ and a fridge, you’re pretty much set. 

the finale…

Renovating is fun, frightening and damn fabulous! Luckily enough, both my partner and I actively choose to live in a state of controlled chaos, ensuring our time management skills are put to the test at any given point in time. 5 weeks without a kitchen? No problem! And who cares anyway when it ends up looking like this!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. See you in a fortnight! xx

Design by danni signature 

kitchen tile detailing
kitchen renovation with Pipi and Danni
hamptons style kitchen ilve, villeroy and boch, delonghi, broadware
hamptons style kitchen ilve, villeroy and boch, delonghi, broadware
hamptons style kitchen ilve, villeroy and boch, delonghi, broadware
hamptons style kitchen ilve, villeroy and boch, delonghi, broadware pantry


  1. Wow Danni, what a stunner! It is all so breathtakingly beautiful and the marble feature is so glamorous! Cannot wait to see more of your home…totally in love!

    1. Danni says:

      Thank you so much Glamour Coastal Loving! I absolutely LOVE your blog and feel like we have a similar sense of style.

      Cheers, x Danni x

  2. Maire says:

    Yes this is outstanding. I know the hiccups from our own experiences but your 5 tips are bang on! Look forward to the rest of the renos and truly just love what you have done.

    1. Danni says:

      Hey! Thanks so much for your lovely comments Maire. I feel like if you’ve taken on reno’s, these are literally the most realistic tips you can offer, so thank you!

      x Danni x

  3. Linda says:

    Hi, your kitchen is gorgeous! About to start ours, and confusion reigns regarding kitchen doors. Are yours two pack or vinyl wrap? What cour did you go with? Thanks!

    1. Danni says:

      Hi There, firstly good luck with the kitchen renovation, plenty of fun ahead of you 🙂 Decisions, decisions – the hardest part of any renovation. I selected a 2-pac finish for our cabinetry in semi gloss for durability and practicality. Our walls and ceiling are 3/4 strength Dulux Lexicon (grey based white) so I had our cabinetry made in 1/4 strength Lexicon to appear brighter and whiter. We have three kids and two black dogs so high gloss wasn’t an option, plus I don’t like the look for traditional style kitchens. Vinyl wrap used to have quite a stigma attached when it first came to market however, like any product that remains in production it continues to improve. You could literally ask 100 people and have 50 vote vinyl wrap and 50 vote for a 2-pac finish. In my personal opinion, I prefer 2-pac. I hope that helps and good luck! xx Danni

  4. Sarah says:

    Simply stunning Danni – what an outstanding result. We are about to start our renovation, which includes a new kitchen, so your tips were very useful, thank you. Thanks also for sharing your sources – I came across your post initially when I was looking for industrial pendant lights. Yours are lovely – unfortunately Masters has now closed, so no chance of me ripping off your look! I’ve read all your posts, thoroughly enjoyed them, and look forward to more.

    1. Danni says:

      Wonderful! It’s so nice to hear when readers are genuinely finding my blogs useful. That’s what it’s all about for me – sharing the love! Thank you for your support and let me know if I can answer any questions regarding your renovation!

      Cheers, Danni x

  5. Karen Magee says:

    Hi Danni.
    I have taken so much out of your experience and all I have to give you in return is a massive “Thank you”.

    I hope our new kitchen looks equally as beautiful.


    1. Danni says:

      Hi Karen,

      I am so glad to hear from you, that’s what it’s all about for me! Literally helping others. Lol! Thank you for your beautiful comment.

      Danni xx

  6. Anita @ Fab says:

    Totally in love with your kitchen – it’s exactly what I want for mine. Thank you for all the helpful tips and sourcing tips. I love the detail you’ve provided – it will make my design process so much easier.

    1. Danni says:

      Hi Anita,

      What a lovely comment to read! My main goal is to add value for my readers by providing useful information, so I’m glad I’ve done that for you!

      Good luck with the renovations. Danni xx

  7. FJ says:

    Hi Danni,
    I am at the very early stages of renovating my kitchen, its only been a year of research so far…… but I knew from the beginning that I wanted a Hampton style kitchen. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos and ideas and so on and so on, but only this week I saw your picture and instantly loved your renovations, well done and in the mean time I have enjoyed your blogs too! Is it possible that you could tell me where you found your framing mantel and island bench from please? They are both exactly what Im looking for…

    1. Danni says:

      Hi There,

      Thank you for reaching out! The best thing I did with our Kitchen renovation was found a cabinet maker who was renowned for doing traditional Hamptons and shaker style kitchens – Juro Design. You can check out their work here http://www.jurodesign.com.au/gallery/ I worked closely with Juro – I drew my pictures and printed out images from Pinterest and they made it happen! The mantel and shaker style legs around the island was all custom and drawn up by Juro. Any good kitchen designer should be able to do this. I hope that helps

      Danni x

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